Blueface Sentenced for 2022 Shooting

After injuring a man in a shooting last year at a Las Vegas strip club, Blueface has finally been sentenced to 24 to 60 months of probation.

After a long awaited trial date, Blueface finally faced the court this Monday where he heard the testimony of his victim, Kentabius Traylor. Traylor told the court about the incident where in Blueface shot at him after Traylor joked about his car. According to legal documents, the incident occurred at the Euphoric Gentlemen’s Club in Las Vegas last October. Allegedly, Traylor made a joke about Blueface talking to “some females in a cheap vehicle,” which Blueface’s entourage did not take kindly.

Traylor claims that the rapper’s entourage hit him “multiple times,” followed by Blueface firing a gun at him as he tried to leave the scene in his truck. There were bullet marks on the victim’s truck and a “bullet graze wound” on his left hand.

The rapper pleaded guilty to one felony charge of discharging a firearm into an occupied vehicle as well as one misdemeanor charge for battery. He was initially facing attempted murder charges, but that charge was dismissed as part of the probation agreement.

Blueface definitely got off easy as his sentence was meant to be 24-60 months in prison, but the sentence was given as a suspended sentence, which allows those months to be served as probation instead. His probation is dependent on him abiding by all of the terms, including no possession of any alcohol, drugs, nor weapons. He is also restricted from being in the Downtown Strip corridor of Las Vegas unless he has to be there for work.

If any of these terms are violated, Blueface will be sent to prison for the remainder of his probation term

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