Insomniac Events Proves Once Again, They Know How To Throw A Party

three 6 mafia // Photo Courtesy of Felicia Garcia for Insomniac Events
Written by: Steven Thompson // Edited by: Bernadette

The month of October this year shined bright and was in full effect for Halloween celebrations. With a Friday the 13th and a Hunter’s Moon hanging in the night sky over this years’ Escape Halloween in San Bernardino, Insomniac Events proved once again they know how to put people in high spirits. Not only in a spooky scary way themed around the holiday cheer, but with the sheer entertainment both off & on the stage. With crowds loving every minute of it. Those in attendance came ready to celebrate the Halloween festivities dressing up in some of the best costumes ever, covering the hallowed site on Oct 27th and 28.

The 2-day festival event had all the auspicious factors of a Halloween classic giving vibes of The Nightmare Before Christmas as if ringing in attendees’ ears with “This is Halloween-This is Halloween,” in building up the excitement of what was to come. Unsurprisingly, this event had some shocking talent and mixes that haunt any music lover even well after the show.

NOS center rang in the holiday with literal fire with such artists as Wilkinson, Emo Nite, K?D, and Matroda. In addition, there were some heavy hitters featuring Zedd, Kaskade and Armin Van Buuren. One amazing set that stood out was JVNA on the main stage The Grimm bringing electronic pop and melodic bass style to the party with a hypnotic performance. She also double dipped playing a new set she dubbed the Aura City Set at the Wicked Woods stage.

Over at the Feeding Ground stage, the crowd got the pleasure of a vibe shuffle with the the magnetic hip-hop group Three 6 Mafia. They came in dropping hit after hit with such songs as “I’m So Hi” and “Poppin’ My Collar”. I’ve been poppin it ever since. A personal favorite stage was the Sewer Stage to which the light show that surrounded the trash containers along the stage electrified the audience with a B2B from Jamie Jones and Loco Dice. Friday and Saturday’s lineup had all types of varying degrees of pedigree coming together for one memorable show.

Lastly, let’s not forget one of the many exciting factors of the holiday: decorations. The grounds were decorated immaculately and well a seemingly perfect word to use for the event a place to escape reality in spine-tingling way. There were bars with a variety of different themes like a Poison Ivy bar that had a creature as the centerpiece while you were handed 3D glasses to heighten the experience. The areas: Psycho Circus and Crazy Town also offered live music, shows and a variety of spectacles. Themed cocktails, a Ferris wheel and a dedicated staff dressed up to add to the heightened scares scattered throughout the festival. There is only one way to sum up this whole spectacle: “This is Halloween.” With that said, if events were like a Halloween costume contest, Insomniac Events wins.

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Artist: Rez // Felicia Garcia for Insomniac Events
Artist: Zedd // Ivan Menese for Insomniac Events
Artist: Nia Archives // Felicia Garcia for Insomniac Events
Artist: Svdden Death // Jake West for Insomniac Events
Artist: Green Velvet // Jamal Eid for Insomniac EventsArtist: Patrick Topping // Marlene Sanchez for Insomniac Events
Artist: Kaskade // Jamal Eid for Insomniac Events
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