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Los Angeles native rapper ICECOLDBISHOP released his anxiously-awaited debut album GENERATIONAL CURSE via Epic Records, Friday March 24th.Listen to GENERATIONAL CURSE HERE.

ICECOLDBISHOP intellectually presents gritty heart and passion into the world of music. The new album is fire and just like fire, GENERATIONAL CURSE blazes light. A trailblazer of his era, the new album ignites the mind and entertains the ears as the rising artist sheds light on the shadows of society proving ICECOLDBISHOP’s raw talent as a lyricist with versatility in style & sound. The South Central-born artist’s debut album is a 13-track compilation of songs that mix & match eras of hip hop offering fans not only something new, but furthermore a wide range of taste through sound. Yet, the long-awaited album also caters to any music lovers looking to be enthralled into poetic storytelling through melodies & lyrics. With tracks like, “CURSED” -a unique dichotomy of a cheery melody & vexed lyrics, “LAST NIGHT” -which has elements reminiscent of the late-80’s/early-90’s era and “FOCUSED” -which takes fans back to the late-90’s/early-2000’s [“nostalgia” at 2.30 mark], every song on the track is filled with intrigue. Though even more so, each song showcases creative assertiveness giving us all the motivation to speak up and express ourselves. From “FULL FLEDGE” to “DICKIES SUIT” to “OUT THE WINDOW,” there’s no denying that every song not only proves ICECOLDBISHOP’s talent, but also his power in metaphorically speaking. With his documentarian’s attention-to-detail, the razor sharp high-pitched flowing musician not only ignites power of speech in the heart, but also gives way for a new generation of lyricists while simultaneously reflecting the past. With “PRAY FOR OUR GENERATION,” the second to last song on the album, the song’s gospel vocals angelically utters the lyrics, “Oh will you pray for me,” before the pop of a gunshot; attesting ICECOLDBISHOP’s trailblazing spirit.  

As Epic Records states, “GENERATIONAL CURSE rails against the rigged system with unfiltered storytelling and some of the most undeniable and unbreakable rhymes you’ll hear all year.”


ICECOLDBISHOP has collaborations with some of the finest talent including Boldy James, The Alchemist, Kenny Beats, Rico Nasty, Slowthai, Kembe X, Ab-Soul, AG Club, and Mick Jenkins. In 2022, ICECOLDBISHOP joined forces inking a deal with Epic Records. His stage name was inspired by West Coast gods Ice Cube and Ice T as his love for music was inspired by his mom who introduced him to the music of R&B and soul listening to notable artists such as Erykah Badu and D’Angelo. Through music, ICECOLDBISHOP takes a deep dive into the L.A. street life with lyrics like, “I done see a whole lot of shit inside my cornea | I done seen some crazy shit in Southern California | Fiends in the alleyway smoking dope I can smell itTried to bang for like two weeks – nah, nevermind | Gangbanging killed my cousin, daddy, and the homie | Banging be the reason why the police always on me…,” from 2017’s “Porch,” his song which gained him attention. His lyrics not only mirror the true essence of art in music, but renders authentic feelings and emotions. He expresses a stylistic way in the use of vocals & sounds with a distinct multifaceted vocal range that’s full of character.  

****Check out details from Epic Records and ICECOLDBISHOP’s full track listing below.


BISHOP gives fans a glimpse into his world as he also just shared the music video for the incisive single “D.A.R.E.” Watch it HERE. The video examines the drug epidemic from a different perspective, aiming its crosshairs at the politicians and pharma-industrial complex plaguing the people. The song’s lyrics proclaim, “Pills and promethazine fucked up my generation.At the same time, he opens up about the struggle, “been daring to be different, but these drugs are in my way.

He initially teased the record with “THE GOV’T GAVE US GUNS,” piling up half-a-million total streams. In addition to plugs from Enigma, OutLoud! Culture, and more, AllHipHop put it best, “ICECOLDBISHOP is exactly what his name embodies, and hes here to make a lasting impact on the rap game.” 

****For info & updates on ICECOLDBISHOP: 

Instagram – @icecoldbishop | Twitter – @ICECOLDBISHOP | Soundcloud | YouTube – @icecoldbishop3234


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