Has Victory Ever Been This Sweet?

To celebrate the return of the world’s greatest confectioner, Xbox has teamed up with Warner Bros. “Wonka” to create the ultimate sweet treat filled sweepstakes including an edible Xbox controller made entirely of chocolate.

Beginning today, the sweepstakes contest is being held through X, where Xbox fans 18 and older can enter to win the custom Wonka-inspired Xbox Series X along with the edible Xbox controller and special edition chocolates.

The chocolate controller will be the first-ever official edible Xbox controller and is meant to truly bring “Wonka” to life. Made out of 100% pure chocolate, the controller will be a custom burgundy colored wireless controller, which will of course be wrapped in Wonka’s signature gold foil. Alongside the controller will be 5 special-edition truffles made specifically to complement all gamers’ Xbox adventures.

Each truffle is designed with a specific aspect of gaming in mind, the Xbox website describes each truffle. The Achievement Hunting truffle is made with ingredients intended to give gamers a boost of energy to focus for extended periods of time, the Button Masher truffle is made with espresso to keep gamers on their toes, Your Citrus Sidekick is made with a delicious combination of chocolate and orange to symbolize the “fruitful variety of games” on Xbox Game Pass, the Xtra Kick is made with a bit of spice to keep gamers fired up, and lastly the Wonka for the Win truffle is made purely with 100% chocolate to remind gamers that “sometimes the greatest joys in life are also the simplest.”

The biggest prize of the giveaway, the Wonka-inspired Series X, is slightly different from the first-ever edible controller. The gaming console is created to mock the style of a Wonka chocolate bar without being an edible product. The chocolate bar-inspired console will be gifted inside a decadent box designed to look like the iconic Wonka storefront.

Taking their partnership a step further, Xbox has created in-store experiences for Microsoft Experience Centres in New York, London and Sydney. Each of the Microsoft store fronts will have a Wonka-inspired display along with Wonka’s suitcase. The suitcase will be a puzzle box that customers can test their skills with by trying to solve the puzzle in order to win custom Wonka Xbox prizes.

The giveaway will last through December 14th, just a day before Warner Bros. “Wonka” is released in theaters on December 15th.

You can check out Xbox’s announcement and enter to win here on X.

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