Gunplay Should Stop Playing With Guns

Miami rapper Gunplay was arrested this Saturday for aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, domestic violence, false imprisonment and child abuse after pointing a rifle at his wife and baby.

According to reports, Gunplay’s wife, Vonshae Taylor-Morales, went to her husband with their 6-month old in her arms to ask him to quiet down while playing his Xbox due to the sounds scaring the baby. Upon her request, Gunplay, aka Richard Morales Jr., started an argument and began yelling at her directly. Taylor-Morales went to pack a bag for herself and their daughter, trying to stay away from Gunplay as she recognized he was not sober. But Gunplay stopped her from packing, and the incident escalated quickly.

Taylor-Morales relayed the traumatic incident via Instagram this Sunday, explaining Gunplay’s alcohol addiction and her plans to file for divorce. The entire statement read:

“I just want everyone to know my daughter and I are safe. Unfortunately, Richard is back using and developed a very bad drinking problem. I’ve tried everything in my power to help him and love him. To summarize last night’s event, I asked Richard to quiet down as he scared the baby sleeping by yelling playing Call of Duty. He started going off on me for asking him to be quiet. I tried to collect a bag so my daughter and I can go to a room while he sobers up. He didn’t want us to leave and things went left fast. He was arrested last night, the weapon is in police custody. I have a restraining order, my daughter is in my custody and I am filing for divorce. He will never get the chance to disrespect us again. Thank you all for the well wishes and prayers. This is a very traumatizing experience please keep me in your prayers.”

Gunplay is currently still under arrest and being held with bail set at $20,000. Despite his wife’s detailed story and his questionable history, Gunplay denies all allegations. This domestic incident comes just about a month after Gunplay’s outburst at 50 Cent’s birthday party, where he threatened to shoot up the club.

Allegedly he started a fight with the DJ, yelling at him asking “Why would you play that?!” As the altercation occurred, Gunplay allegedly was shoving people out of his way and ultimately threw a trash can at the DJ. While security attempted to escort him out, he was heard yelling “Don’t touch me before I shoot this shit up! Don’t you f**king touch me. I’ll kill everything in here! Do you know where you at?”

If his wife’s accounts are true, then Gunplay definitely needs to seek some rehabilitation and stop playing with guns before he gets himself into any more trouble.

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