Get Into The Tinder Vault For $500 a Month

Tinder’s chief product officer Mark Van Ryswyk disclosed in an interview with Fast Company that the firm is moving forward with developing its $500 USD per month membership service called “Tinder Vault.” At the moment, Tinder’s most expensive Platinum subscription is $30 USD a month.

According to Gizmodo, which found screenshots from a Reddit user, perks for Tinder Vault currently in the discussion include a special status, a priority pass offering more profile boosts, personalized concierge service, and a “premium passport” offering access to Tinder’s “most active and influential members.”

“I’m always like, ‘I want it yesterday.’ And, of course, these things don’t work that way,” says Van Ryswyk in an interview. “We’re still in this learning mode.” Part of that is figuring out how something that could cost someone $6,000 per year adds value to the overall Tinder ecosystem. It can’t break the experience for Tinder’s free members, which make up the vast majority of overall users. And it has to be impactful enough for the serious daters willing to pay for Vault.”

The ultra-premium tier idea comes as Tinder attempts to shift away from its current image of being a hookup app into a platform for finding something more serious as well. While confirmed, the feature is still in early development with prices and other elements subject to change.

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