Frank Was There: Adult Go Skateboarding Day 2023

Every day is Go Skateboarding Day but June 21st is our time to celebrate what we love and do around the world. The energy in NYC was something out of this world from the Brooklyn Banks, LES park G.S.D events to the Formerly called Adult Go Skateboarding Day event that Michael Cohen and Alex Corporan have been doing since 2012. 

This year people from all around came to join Alex Corporan & Matt Kruz to skate and from Manhattan to Brooklyn. Starting at 169 Bar sponsored by Frank151 & Liquid Death feeding and hydrating the skaters before their journey through the city. 

The second stop was the middle of the Williamsburg Bridge where they did the e’S game of skate to win some fresh pair of kicks. 

The third stop was at the Continental Army Plaza where the skaters would Jam out for products from Arizona Skate and Natural Koncept. 

Fourth stop they fed the skaters at BKwearhouse sponsored by Williamsburg Pizza and Grillos Pickles while they played Cee-Lo  for prizes from SkateNight NYC  by Lipstick Skateboards, Girl and Chocolate, Bones Bearings, In4mation, Slashers, and Shut Skateboards

The final stop was at Cheese Rock in Williamsburg where everyone got a treat to see an outdoor live show by Witch Slap, Prostitution, and REBELMATIC. Some amazing skateboarding went down especially seeing Joseph Gil from Torro Skateboards and T.J Hernandez from Shut Skateboards lay it down for the night, with a traditional product toss and tasty beverages from Two Robbers & Fat Tire. 

Huge Thank you to all our sponsor’s and looking forward to next year to Rock out again. 



Thanks to all our Sponsors: 

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