First Cozy Collab of 2023 Comes From Palace x UGG

PHOTO: @palace

Whoever had UGG in Palace Collaboration Bingo should let me know, because we’re about to experience the coziest link-up of 2023.

Palace’s Spring 2023 lookbook revealed the wild co-branded UGG boots in a classic tan colorway with blue lightning bolts.

Traditionally (since the 2000s), surfers wear UGG boots post-surf to help their feet recover. Now Palace does the same for skaters, because why not?

With only a single from-behind image to go off so far, details are few and far between, but in typical Palace style it’s always safe to expect the unexpected, so hold tight to see what the front holds.

A bit of a revival happened for UGG in 2022 thanks to Y2K style, and Adam Sandler even wore their Classic Short Boots.

While Palace’s UGG boots probably won’t be good for skating in, they’ll likely be the perfect companion for those cozy post-skate beers.

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