Drake Tells Fans to Prepare for Scary Hours (3) Tonight

After releasing the music video for “First Person Shooter” with J. Cole just yesterday, Drake has taken to Instagram yet again to tell his fans to get ready for yet another surprise; he posted a video that seems to be a trailer for a new album, ‘Scary Hours 3.’

The trailer starts off following a car through the city as it approaches Toronto’s Roy Thompson Hall. Drake then arrives at the venue and begins to walk through the empty building before getting to a specific concert hall, where he is greeted at the door with a glass of red wine.

Throughout the video, Drake narrates his thoughts and feelings, telling his fans: “I’ll say this to you, I’m not, I feel no need to appease anybody. I feel so confident about the body of work that I just dropped that I know I could go and disappear for whatever, six months, a year, two years, even though I’m not really like, into super lengthy disappearances for the sake of mystery.” Drake has made multiple comments since ‘For All the Dogs’ alluding that he will be taking a break from music, but it seems that won’t be quite true.

Drake continues his narration as he arrives into the concert hall: “You know ultimately it’s coming to me in a way that I haven’t experienced maybe since like, ‘If You’re Reading This’ where it’s just kinda like, I feel like Im on drugs, I feel like I’m in that mental state without doing anything. I did those songs in the last 5 days. I didn’t have 1 bar written down for those songs on the night that For All The Dogs dropped, it’s not like I’m picking up from some unfinished shit, you know, this is just, it’s, it’s happening on its own. And who am I to fight it right? To fight back against the right thing would be, well, you know.”

As he takes a seat, the orchestra conductor greets him and begins to signal the orchestra. As the orchestra begins, Drake’s narration subsides and the camera follows the orchestra players until finally panning onto an usher for the Hall. The usher, wearing a red suit jacket and white gloves, is holding a book entitled ‘Scary Hours 3’ with Executive Producers listed as Noel Cadastre, Aubrey Graham and Kevin Durant.

It seems that Drake has surprised both fans and himself with the release of this new project. As he hints at in his narration, he has certainly put in the work to earn at least a short hiatus. But the 6God clearly couldn’t help himself as the new music flowed out of him “in the last 5 days.”

Drake simply captioned the video: “Scary Hours 3 / Tonight at Midnight.” The video was posted around 3AM EST, meaning that the album is set to hit streaming platforms tonight at midnight, on November 17th.

You can check out the trailer on Drake’s Instagram here.

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