Drake Gives Away G Wagon at Final Stop on It’s All a Blur Tour

At his final tour date in his hometown of Toronto, Drake blessed a fan with a Mercedes-Benz G- Wagon.

While on stage this Saturday for his final show of the It’s All a Blur Tour, Drake decided to let fate take its course as he randomly selected a ticket from a drum to choose his winner. He told the audience: “This is what I’m gonna do, I’m gonna pick a winning ticket out of this drum right here. I want everybody to be super quiet.”

A video from the concert shows Drake searching for the winning fan after reading the ticket number aloud. Eventually the fan is found in the upper section of the arena, and Drake assures them that a staff member would confirm their winning ticket.

This final gift at his final tour stop is likely the most expensive gift that Drake has ever given away. There is no information released as to what exact kind of G-Wagon Drake intends to give away, as a brand new 2023 G550 SUV model goes for $139,900. Although for Drake, that price tag is unlikely to cause him to hesitate.

Drake’s unique way of interacting with his fans at his concerts has become a very powerful promotional tool for his newest album, ‘For All The Dogs.’ While fans patiently awaited the new album, Drake was able to tour throughout North America to continue generating anticipation. After being released just this past Friday morning, the album is already expected to hit No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart with between 400-450K units in just one week.

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