Drake and Bobbi Althoff Beef?

After their viral interview last month, Bobbi Althoff adamantly denies all assumptions of her and Drake having any kind of relationship or falling out, despite the interview being removed on all platforms and the two no longer following the other on social media.

Althoff had Drake as a guest on her podcast, “The Really Good Podcast,” after she reached out to the rap star on social media and simply “asked if he wanted to be on [her] podcast.” In order to complete the interview, Althoff had to fly to Memphis and meet Drake at a hotel while he was on his It’s All A Blur tour, making Althoff miss her daughters 1st birthday.

The podcast itself was incredibly uncomfortable for viewers to watch, as the two sat in the hotel bed on camera with the interviewer clearly unamused. Althoff continued to hit Drake with awkward and pointed questions, including asking the Grammy Award winner if he was going to buy her a flight home from Memphis. The awkward question-and-answer commentary continued for quite a while and gained viewed rapidly on every streaming platform — up until last week, that is.

Last weekend Althoff posted a Reel to her Instagram account of her and her friends at a Drake concert. The Reel showed Althoff staying strongly in character with her arms crossed and a straight face while her friends are singing and dancing around her, with the caption “Really in my element here @ this guys concert.” Shortly after she posted this reel from a Drake concert, Althoff removed the interview with the “Six God” from all platforms and unfollowed him on social media. Drake is also no longer following Althoff, but has not made any statement addressing the situation between the two.

After the rumor was brought to her attention via Barstool Sports Dave Portnoy, Althoff posted a story to Instagram hoping to nip the rumor in the bud. On Wednesday she posted the screenshot of a DM exchange with Portnoy where he said, “My girlfriend says you hooked up with Drake and got divorced. I am saying that is not true.” Althoff replied and said “I am not commenting publicly but off the record, you’re right that is not true.” When she posted the screenshot of the messages, Althoff made sure to add an extra message on top telling her followers that she “did not want to do this podcast in the first place, and now so much negativity is coming from it.”

26-year-old Althoff is married with two children and intends to “leave [the rumors] alone,” simply denying claims of a relationship or beef with Drake.

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