Doja Cat New Album Title Released

Earlier this week Doja Cat took to Twitter to confess to fans that her most recent two albums were “cash-grabs” before revealing the title of her newest album, ‘First of All.’

This past Tuesday, Doja Cat was awarded Pop Songwriter of the Year at the BMI Pop Awards, thanks to her previous albums. Despite the award, Doja Cat clearly does not have the same opinion of her past works; her tweet on Tuesday night said, “Planet Her and Hot Pink were cash- grabs and yall fell for it. Now I can go disappear somewhere and touch grass with my loved ones on an island while yall weep for mediocre pop.”

Seemingly ready to enter a new era of her music, Doja Cat continued on Twitter to set the record straight and tell fans the true title of her upcoming album, saying “it’s not called hEllMoUth either it’s called “First of All” and yes I’m announcing the album title right now.” Earlier in the year, Doja Cat had mentioned that hew newest album may be titled Hellmouth; but she is well known for trying to lead press and fans astray from her works before they release.

Last September when giving an interview for a magazine, she told the reporter that her latest project is inspired by 90’s German rave music. Once the interview was published, she took to Twitter to tell fans that she was pranking the magazine that interviewed her about it. Since then, she has continued to tweet conflicting ideas of what her latest project may be, from rap to jazz, Doja Cat has teased it all as possibilities.

She has been quiet on Twitter since her announcement on Tuesday, with no follow up teasers or release date information. Fans will just have to wait and see what Doja Cat has been cooking up.

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