Doechii’s on Demon Time in New Single “Pacer”

Doechii wants you to bring the clique as she shows off her edgy cyborg look in the music video of her new single, “Pacer.”

On Monday, Doechii took to Instagram to announce the release of her new single, “Pacer,” would be coming this week. Upon its drop on Tuesday, Doechii also released the “Pacer” music video, directed by Nikko Lamere.

Doechii and Lamere take fans on a dark and edgy ride as Doechii seemingly partakes in medical experiments as she becomes part robot. As the song continues, Doechii transforms from cyborg to rave dancer as she tells fans “I’m a rockstar.” The track includes a hard-hitting chorus with Doechii asking listeners to “Bring the clique” to experience the combination of trap and rock in “Pacer.”

Doechii has been quite busy as of late, with “Pacer” being released just a month after her last single, “Booty Drop.” Along with creating new music, she has stayed ready for performances as she opened for Beyoncé during her Renaissance World Tour in Los Angeles, and looks forward to touring with Ice Spice and Doja Cat on Doja’s ‘The Scarlet Tour’ next month.

Check out Doechii’s new “Pacer” music video here.

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