Docking Issues in Alabama Led to a Brawl

On Saturday evening in Montgomery, Alabama, a group of men got into a large altercation with an attendant after docking their pontoon boat in a no docking zone in Riverfront Park.

The altercation began when the dock attendant began to move the pontoon boat from the no docking zone. When the group of people arrived at the dock, the attendant told them that the area was reserved for a large riverboat, the Harriet II Riverboat, and they would have to move their pontoon. The group seemed to have ignored the attendant, leaving the boat right on the dock the way they came in.

After his warnings were ignored, the attendant took matters into his own hands and began to untie the boat from the dock as to make room for the large riverboat trying to come in. As the group saw the attendant untying their boat, the group of men began to argue with him, one of them charging the attendant and punching him in the head. After the first punch was thrown, the group of boaters came to their friend’s assistance and began punching and kicking the attendant as he is thrown to the ground by a group of at least 4 men.

Bystanders came to the rescue of the attendant — one even swimming to the dock from the nearby Harriet II, trying to pull the men off of him and many even taking part in the brawl against the assailants. Onlookers said it was clear that the group of men had confrontational attitudes that were not going to be easily calmed. The police arrived on scene and detained numerous people with the help of witnesses that saw the incident occur. Mayor Steven L. Reed gave a statement on Sunday saying that “The Montgomery Police Department acted swiftly to detain several reckless individuals for attacking a man who was doing his job. Warrants are being signed and justice will be served.”

None of the men detained from the brawl have been identified to the public. Regardless of who they are, hopefully those men will learn some kind of lesson from the incident that was likely fueled by a long day of drinking on the river. You can watch the video of the brawl taken by an onlooker from the Harriot II Riverboat here.

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