CamelPhat’s Second Album, “Spiritual Milk”: A Melodic Evolution

Written by Eric B. Thornton // Editor: Bernadette

CamelPhat, the British electronic duo known for their deep dancefloor beats are back with their second album in just three years. Titled “Spiritual Milk” (which, by the way, is a fantastic title), this album steers slightly in a new direction, embracing a more melodious house vibe compared to their previous releases. The duo made their mark on the global dance music stage with their chart-topping hit “Cola.” If you’ve heard it, you know how irresistibly groovy it is. And if you haven’t, well, it’s about time you got your feet tapping to its catchy hooks.

Frank 151 had the pleasure of catching them at their recent “headlining” show in the heart of downtown LA’s Pershing Square. When I say “headlining,” I mean they owned the stage from start to finish. There were no opening acts or closers; they took the reins for a sold-out six-hour set.

Spiritual Milk retains CamelPhat‘s signature progressive house sound, a style they’ve honed since their debut album, Dark Matter. However, this time around, they’ve taken a detour into the realms of melodic house. On both albums, this Grammy-nominated duo collaborated with emerging electronic artists and vocalists, elevating their haunting and wavy sounds.

Spiritual Milk opens with their track called “Hope”, which is definitely a perfect opening track for an album. Max Milner’s vocals really set the tone for what’s coming –, albeit, a melodic journey.  It reminded me of Tiesto’s Kaleidoscope album back in 2009, when he pivoted his style from Trance to mainstream House from Trance. The song’s catchy enough that I immediately recognized it when they dropped it midway through their set around 10 pm.

The next two, “Rennen” and “Home” were also leaning toward a Melodic House feel, that is comparable to the likes of Rüfüs Du Sol and Ben Böhmer. It is not until the fourth track, “The Sign”, that it started to have that “deep” vibe they were known for. Anyama’s haunting vocals provided a stark contrast to the overall feel of the track.

Some personal favorites from the album include, “In Your Eyes” and “Compute”. The latter has this groovy-Techno feel, and Ali Love’s repeated catchphrase gives it that perfect afterparty anthem vibe. The Two breezy and unique tracks, “Primavera” and “Embers”, offer a breezy and unique sound compared to the rest of the album. “Colossus” stands out as a potential festival banger, and tracks “Rain” and “Higher,” featuring Desire and London Grammar, respectively, are real vocal treats. The final two tracks, “Spirit” and “Stars Align,” embrace a more pop-oriented style, making them ripe for potential remixes.

CamelPhat’s second album, released under their imprint “When Stars Align,” cements their status as one of the electronic duo scene’s heavyweights. While they’ve ventured into melodic house territory, they’ve gracefully retained those deep house elements that fans cherish. Their sold-out gig in LA last weekend underscores their enduring popularity in today’s electronic music landscape.

Check out Spiritual Milk in its entirety below!

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