Cali Vibes 2023 Review

Written by: Marie-Bernadette Angeles / Photos Courtesy of Goldenvoice

Cali Vibes proves that it’s more than just a music festival for the sake of being a music festival. Cali Vibes is truly a vibration. A gathering that vibrates good times, good people, and of course: good music. All for the sake of having fun.

In its second year of festivities located on the shorelines of Long Beach, California where artists such as Snoop Dogg, Warren G, Long Beach Dub Allstars, Common Kings, and Ben Harper grew up in or around, it’s no surprise that creating such a festival at this venue in this particular location would be just as cool, calm and collected as the artists it’s sprung.

The 3-day event featured reggae, rock, folk, ska, dub, rap, and hip hop catering to people from all walks of life from families to couples to groups of young adults with even some attendees flying solo looking to enjoy themselves just as much as any other groovy-goer. As the charismatic media personality Nikki Z proclaimed at the Boomyard stage Saturday night, this year’s music festival was all about love. Bringing together an assortment of people in celebration of what it means to truly love music. Communal recreation was what Cali Vibes was all about.

Each night’s set was perfectly assembled to its day of the week. Friday, gently welcoming in the fun weekend with bands like 311. Saturday, turning up the party night with Snoop Dogg. Sunday, capping off the weekend and mellowing out the high spirits with a relaxing evening performance from Jack Johnson before the work week begins; [last performer at this year’s festival]. Other major acts included Sister Nancy who sang her hit single “Bam Bam,” one of the most played dancehall songs ever, marking its 40-year anniversary which was released back in 1982. Warren G got the crowd reminiscing about the good times from back in the day with his hits like “Regulate,” “This D.J.,” “Party We Will Throw Now!” and “I Need a Light” themed ideal for The Greens stage Saturday night. Blvk H3ro got the crowd wanting encores at the end of his performance after singing his hit song, “Feet Don’t Fail.” The Movements magically got the crowds’ vibration in sync as they danced & swayed like a California breeze as they played their song “High Roller.”

Cali Vibes was in true California form with perfect weather every night. Though the weather chilled in the evenings as the festival took place right near the Long Beach Marina, the cold weather added to the vibe of the festival as there were crowds of people wearing ponchos, baja hoodies and basically jerga sweaters were everywhere. Long Beach California is one of the most underrated beaches but is what makes California truly a vibe; mirroring the Cali Vibes festival. A mixture of skate rat, surf bum and snow bunny with some in between.

This festival is highly recommended to anyone whether you love the musical artists in the lineup or not because either way, Cali Vibes is love and you’ll feel it in the air. Easy, breezy, Cali Vibes.

Additional Highlights from the Festival Include:

  • Almost every performance paid homage to the King of Reggae: Bob Marley
  • Cypress Hill’s DJ set started the performance off with a mix of melodies that included the Star Wars theme and Beastie Boys
  • Pepper brought on stage JR King of Common Kings
  • Jack Johnson ended the night after his performance by saying “Hope to see you again” before walking off stage
  • Jackson from The Elovaters stated, “…Sharing the same stage as some living legends is always mind-blowing for me. Much love to our brother Scott from Stick Figure for hopping up with us on our collab song ‘Gardenia!’”
  • Ridges Churro Bar every night – The best churros ever created (and no it wasn’t the munchies talking)

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