Blueface Won’t Snitch – Lets His Own Stabber Go Free

After being stabbed by a random assailant during a workout in a boxing gym in LA, Blueface has refused to cooperate with law enforcement, allowing his stabber to simply go free.

The incident occurred late last month while Blueface was training for a boxing match against Salt Papi, which has since been postponed. Blueface shared the security footage from the gym to his Instagram Stories the day after the incident. The video showed a man walk into the gym in jeans and a white shirt and approach Blue with a large Rottweiler alongside of him. The footage shows the two pacing around the gym with David Kaminsky, Blue’s trainer and the owner of the gym, trying to keep the two calm.

Kaminsky has told authorities that things quickly escalated as the man started yelling “I’m gonna kill you” at Blueface upon his entry of the gym. The footage cut before the man visibly revealed his weapon, at which time a knife was pulled and the man stabbed Blueface in the leg and the man fled the scene.

After the incident Kaminsky called 911, telling dispatchers “he stabbed my client . . . I’m with my son right now. Where? I don’t know. It was just some random guy. I don’t know. He’s somewhere around the area. He’s bleeding! Somebody send help!” Medical assistance arrived and Blueface seems to have recovered from his injury quickly.

The assailant turned himself in shortly after the incident and was identified as 36-year-old Brandon Henry Snell. Snell was held on charges of felony assault with a deadly weapon for trying to stab Blueface, but has since been released due to lack of evidence. Police have reported that Blueface has refused to cooperate or answer any of law enforcement’s questions, including providing ID or accepting medical aid.

The LA District Attorney’s office officially rejected the case, saying that the video evidence presented “doesn’t clearly show everything necessary to bring a criminal case,” leaving prosecutors at a dead end thanks to Blue, himself.

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