Blueface Stabbed by a Stranger

Yesterday Blueface took to Instagram to share a video of security camera footage of him being stabbed while he was at the gym.

While preparing for his boxing match against Salt Papi in October, Blueface was in the middle of a routine boxing workout at Kaminsky Boxing Gym in Reseda, Los Angeles when the stranger entered the gym. The surveillance footage shows the man walking into the gym with his Rottweiler and walking straight toward Blueface with intimidating body language. As the man approaches Blueface, who is seen in the video wearing boxing gloves and protection around his torso, head trainer David Kaminsky stepped in between the two, trying to separate them.

Blueface was speaking in the background of the video that he posted to his Instagram Story, saying “he keeps approaching me with a look in his eye. I know that look.” Kaminsky also told reporters that the man yelled “I’m going to kill you” at Blueface upon entering the gym.

The man continues to pursue the rapper until Blueface finally has enough, walks over to the man and begins winding up, punching the man multiple times. The video footage cuts off after the man backs away from Blueface and reaches into his pocket to reveal a knife.

After the stabbing, the man fled the scene with his dog in a black Tesla Model S. Police have not identified or found the man responsible.

Blueface was taken to the hospital, conscious and breathing, with a stab wound to the leg. The rapper told his followers that his fight with Salt Papi, scheduled for October 14th, will have to be cancelled since he was “stabbed by some random guy,” but reassured them that “it’s just a leg shot, guys, I’m okay. You don’t gotta blow up my phone or nothing.”

You can watch the video clips of the altercation on Blueface’s Instagram account.

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