Queen B Buzzes Past Madonna Breaking Record Tour

Beyoncé has officially made history surpassing a record, previously held by Madonna, for the highest grossing tour for a female artist with a full month still left to go in the Renaissance Tour.

Chart Data took to Twitter to announce the news over the weekend, telling fans their beloved Queen B had taken over Madonna’s record. The Renaissance Tour has already made over $461 million and is not scheduled to come to a close until October 1st. The previous record was $411 million grossed by Madonna’s Sticky & Sweet Tour which took place from 2008-2009.

Although Bey still has quite a few shows to go, the Renaissance Tour has only been going on for three months, starting May 10th, and will conclude after just over 5 months with 56 shows. Madonna’s previous record-holding tour lasted from late August of 2008 until early September of 2009, meaning that the tour went on for an entire year with 85 shows.

With many focused on the Taylor Swift Era’s Tour re-boosting the economy, many have overlooked Beyoncé’s success on the Renaissance Tour. Forbes estimated Beyoncé to earn over $2 billion from this tour with average ticket prices costing a whopping $700 as well as the amount of merchandise being sold. Swift is certainly close behind with a similar projected revenue, coming from 146 shows in the tour from March to late November.

Only time will tell which star comes out on top as both tours have yet to come to an end. The Eras Tour will come to an end on November 23rd while Beyoncés Renaissance Tour is set to conclude October 1st.

Get tickets to a historic tour while you still can and watch Queen Bey continue to break records.

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