Araya Brings Neo-Futuristic Indie Electronic R&B to His New EP Arena

Photo by Fenn Paider

Written & Interviewed by: Bernadette

If music were medicine, Thai-Chilean singer/songwriter Araya’s new EP ARENA is the cure for those suffering from heartbreak and going through love withdrawals.

The Brooklyn-based artist innovates fashion & style with a flair for music mixing various means of art through visuals & sound as his neoteric creativity is paving the way for new artists alike. Born & raised in Long Island, NY, Araya’s passion for music has led to him pursuing a professional career as a musician to which he believes is “the medium to comprehend and channel life experiences into reflective tales of self-acceptance and understanding.” He “grapples with purpose, identity and spirituality” with his new album being the chapter in his life dedicated to the subject of love & heartache.

At the beginning of 2022, Araya released his sophomore LP Ethos, a year after his breakout debut Atlas, to which were both well received. With ARENA being the third release within the past few years, it’s no surprise that Araya has numerous talents in becoming the next big thing as he progresses eclectic sounds blending R&B, electronic, indie, soul and hip hop melodies to create a neo-futuristic style of music.

The seven-track EP ARENA, “although incredibly cohesive, offers a stand-out moment with “Where Flowers Go To Die.” Araya seamlessly bounces between the desperation of heartbreak and the hope of closure. The track begins somberly, as he expresses the excruciatingly crushing feeling of his anguish in love. The pain in his voice contrasts with the a lone piano, providing a sonic mirror to his aching lyricism. A Church organ chimes in for the drama and on we go to the electronic world of Araya we love so much.”

As TwntyThree released: “For theWHERE FLOWERS GO TO DIE” music video, Araya invites members of his artistic and social communities to attend a wedding where he eventually confronts his attachment anxieties at the pew. The rose / flower figure symbolizes the push and pull of escaping the emotional environment that Araya has felt trapped in for too long.

Of the ARENA EP, Araya explains, “This project touches on things seemingly worth fighting for. The basis of this body of work deals with a love that conceived [my] emotional limits. Is it really beautiful to lose who you truly are amidst a toxic love? ARENA teaches us how to turn our favorite people into lessons; which can sometimes be the hardest, but also most necessary thing to do.”

ARENA, is the EP prescription we highly recommend. Side effects may include: dancing, swaying, grooving to the beat and loving every minute of it.

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Do you feel living in Long Island/NY influenced your taste in music? If so, how & why?

ARAYA: Yes I think so because even though Long Island is extremely segregated and problematic in some places I grew up in west Hempstead; which was extremely diverse and felt like a sort of city outskirts. It Felt like everyone wanted to make it out and into one of the boroughs (with some sort of creative intention as well) .

You were a student at FIT and studied GraphicDesign & Photography, what made you decide to study fashion?

ARAYA: I studied communication design which is most similar to ad/ graphic design then studied experience design; I chose to study these things because I have a really strong passion for all things graphic design and I still do all the graphics for my roll out now.

When did you make the decision to transition into a music career rather than staying in fashion?

ARAYA: Fashion industry is extremely tired and I much rather experience that world with a dosage I am in control of. Music feels more organic to me, creatively and socially. Mad love to my fashion girlies but if you know you know

How old were you when you first started playing the piano?

ARAYA: 13, my grandfather let me play with an old keyboard of his

Any musicians in your family?

ARAYA: My grandfather played Elvis songs on the guitar day and night in the home I grew up in, wholesome memory.

Since it’s Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month, we’d love to know if your asian heritage has influenced or impacted who you are as an artist?

ARAYA: Being a dragon attributes to so much of my effortless swag. There is a particularity to most Asian creatives that makes me smile inside. I’ve always been drawn to Asian aesthetics and zeits, even as a kid I used to study mangas and create OC booklets that I would secretly carry around in school.

Do you have or follow any Thai traditions?

ARAYA: When I say hello to my thai family I gotta hit the sawadee kra for sure .

Trailer for the EP…You mentioned your grandmother is your inspiration for “VA / NIDA,” do you consider her your muse for music?

ARAYA: The strength of all the women in my life stands as such an importance to me. They taught / teach me kindness and how to withstand

What’s a similarity or trait you think may have been passed down to you from your grandmother?

ARAYA: My yai and my nana are my besties but I don’t think I’m as cool as them

Who are your band members?

◦        How and when did you & your band get together?

◦        Do you all have a similar taste in music?

You stated “This project touches on things worth fighting for…” What  does that mean to you?

ARAYA: I learned this year my limitations and realistic understands of self worth and value; that’s what this project is about

Do you believe in true love?

ARAYA: I do, and I live and breathe for it. It’s the alchemical gold in this game

Do you think people should regret toxic love or do you believe everything happens for a reason?

ARAYA: Everything happens for a reason truly, even the doubt in that reality

New Album Arena: Offer 1-3 word(s) that represents or symbolizes what each song means to you:

1        GOLD

ARAYA: You’re so amateur


ARAYA: Watched you die

3        POISON

ARAYA: Ways I waste

4        CAMEO

ARAYA: A rookie kisser

5        FORGET

ARAYA: Alt girls wya

6        DRAGON


7        VA / NIDA

ARAYA: What’s left over

Rapid fire questions:


Which celeb do you think has the best fashion style currently?

ARAYA: Rosalia

What’s your favorite current fashion trend?

ARAYA: Gloves

What’s your least favorite fashion trend?

ARAYA: White tank top


Dream artist to collaborate with?

ARAYA: Rosalia, FKA Twigs, GRIMES, Arca, Pink Pantheress, Provoker

Any artist (music or non-music) you’d like to promote?

ARAYA: DJ_Dave my cyborg sister


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