Amber Heard Claims Momoa Dressed Up as Johnny Depp to Terrorize Her

Notes from Amber Heard’s psychologist have recently surfaced which claim that Heard was being tormented by her co-star Jason Momoa and director James Wan during the filming of Aquaman 2.

Court documents from the infamous Heard v. Depp defamation trial were recently unsealed, which explains them surfacing on Reddit and other places on the internet. Some of the torment mentioned in the therapy notes included Wan yelling at Heard that she “can’t even post about Aquaman” while all other cast members were encouraged to take team selfies and post all they wanted.

Heard also claims that her role was “cut down significantly” after the defamation trial ended. Initially, the public was told that Heard’s role was not significant in the sequel film anyway, and thus her casting would not impact the film that much. However according to heard there was a lot of “changed content” in order to cut back her time in the film.

Perhaps the most interesting claim in the notes is one about Heard’s co-star, Jason Momoa. Dr. Hughes’ notes clearly state “Jason said he wanted me fired as well,” and continue to allege that Momoa went as far as to show up to work dressed up like Johnny Depp, with “all the rings, too,” in order to terrorize Heard on set.

Amber Heard noted that Justice League director Zack Schneider along with his wife & producer, Deborah Snyder, were the only two that stood by her. She told Dr. Hughes that “this is all I will work on until this case is a distant memory.”

Given the amount of backlash Heard has gotten – and the amount of support Depp has gotten – since the end of the trial last December, it seems unlikely that the public will forget about this case anytime soon.

You can see the unsealed notes from Dr. Dawn Hughes here on Reddit.

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