Adidas x Fear of God

Adidas will be teaming up with Jerry Lorenzo to create the Fear of God Athletics line. The release date for the collaboration collection was announced by Adidas chief executive, Bjorn Gulden, after Fear of God’s debut runway show at the Hollywood Bowl in April.

Adidas has been publicly struggling to bounce back from the major financial loss created by the downfall of YEEZY. The latest earnings call shows Adidas having lost nearly $450 million just in the first quarter of this year. In the wake of cutting ties with their incredibly popular YEEZY line, Adidas found Lorenzo.

The Fear of God Athletics collection includes apparel, lifestyle sneakers, and basketball footwear. The collection will be worn by numerous NBA players that are Adidas athlete ambassadors. According to Gulden, retail partners of Adidas have responded positively to the announcement of the collaboration.

Despite Gulden telling reporters that Adidas ended Q1 “a little better” than expected, it is still evident that the loss of the YEEZY line is still creating negative effects. Adidas realizes that one collaboration deal will not replace the income stream they saw from YEEZY, and they are not looking for a singular major partnership as a replacement.

Adidas executives and partners alike believe that the Fear of God Athletics collaboration collection could “commercially be a game-changer for Adidas by 2024.” The release date for the Fear of God Athletics and Adidas collaboration collection has not yet been revealed to the public but should be announced soon.

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