A Summer Day with Pro Skater Jagger Eaton | FIELD DAY

Ever wonder what it’s like to live the dream as a pro skateboarder? From demos and signings to photoshoots and filming missions for the next video part, it’s no wonder skaters have the best job on earth. But when the tours wrap up and the contest season chills out, there’s nothing better than coming home to the purest form of skateboarding: no stress, no deadlines, just good times with great friends.

Welcome to “Field Day.” In this episode, we tag along with Jagger Eaton, one of the best to do it in the world of competitive skateboarding in both street and park disciplines. The term “day off” isn’t really in the Arizona native’s vocabulary, but we’ll show you how he spends a more mellow day in his current home of Encinitas, CA as he links up with Heimana Reynolds, Zion Wright, and Gavin Botger for a day of good food, good skateboarding, and golf. Enjoy!


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