50 Cent Stars in New Crime Thriller

Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson is currently filming new crime thriller movie, Boneyard, alongside his co-star Mel Gibson. Known for his previous work with Arnold Schwarzenegger on the zombie movie, Maggie, and his work with Halle Berry, Kidnap, Colin Bates will be producing Boneyard alongside Vincent McDaniel.

The indie-thriller is inspired by a true story following an FBI agent trying to catch notorious serial killer, The Bone Collector. Gibson is set to play the main FBI agent at the Albuquerque Police Department during the investigation. Somewhere along the investigation, the police chief, played by Jackson, starts to become weary that the killer could very well be among them in the force.

Jackson has experience in thriller movies, his next one to release being The Expendables 4, as well as much experience in crime series. Starting with Starz’ hit crime series Power, which has since expanded into multiple spinoff series, to a third season with Black Mafia Family, and finally the BMF Docuseries, Jackson’s acting career has certainly flourished.

Boneyard has already started production in Las Vegas, but there is no word of a release date or trailer yet.

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