21 Savage Shoves Handsy Female Fan

While making his way through the crowd this Saturday night to join Drake on stage for the It’s All A Blur Tour, 21 Savage walked past a female fan who grabbed him by the face, earning a decent shove from the rapper.

With a rise in fans throwing objects at performers onstage, a rise in fans inappropriately grabbing at artists seems less surprising. 21 Savage made his entrance to the Climate Pledge Arena in Seattle, Washington by walking down the steps of the arena and through the crowd, being able to interact with fans while making his way to the stage.

As he was walking through the crowd, a woman standing by the aisle decided to take her opportunity and reached out, grabbing 21 by the face. It is very evident in the video of this incident that 21 did not appreciate this behavior. The video shows the woman grab his face and him grab her arms and shove her back. The star pushing her away seemed to have very minimal effect on her as you can see the woman reach for him a second time after being shoved.

The security guards escorting 21 to the stage quickly stepped between the two, keeping the female fan contained in her seat while 21 turned away and kept walking. Drake had a similar encounter at the same venue the night before, but his reaction was much more subtle. When exiting the stage at his Friday night show in Seattle, a female fan reached out for Drake as he passed her, lightly caressing his neck and jaw area. Drake simply laughed and shrugged off the strange encounter, continuing his exit.

To be fair, the woman who grabbed at 21 was much more aggressive in her actions than the fan that reached out to touch Drake. The woman who touched 21 Savage visibly grabbed his face in the video, while the woman who touched Drake you can clearly see is more of an odd caress than a full face grab.

Who knows, maybe fans should just keep their hands off of performers’ faces?

You can see the video of the fan encounter with 21 Savage here.

You can also see the video of the fan encounter with Drake here.

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