Young Money Chart Legacy Continues

Yesterday Chart Data announced that the original Young Money team, Drake, Lil Wayne, & Nicki Minaj, are the top 3 rappers with the most top 10 hits on the Billboard Hot 100 list history.

With the addition of her new hit “Barbie Girl” with Ice Spice debuting at No. 7, Nicki gained her 23rd top 10 charting hit. “Barbie Girl” brought Nicki up to the rapper with the third most top 10 hits, knocking Eminem and Jay-Z – who both have 22 top 10 hits, down to 4th on the list.

Young Money leader, Lil Wayne, is sitting pretty as the rapper with the second-most top 10 hits with 25 total top 10 charters throughout his career. Leading the Young Money trio as the rapper with the most top 10 hits is Drake. With 68 top 10 hits, Drake leads the entire music industry with the most top 10 hits; the closest behind being pop star Taylor Swift with 40 hits to reach the top 10 list.

As the Young Money trio sits on top of the charts, each one of them has a project coming soon that has been highly-anticipated by fans. Drake recently announced a new album, For All the Dogs, coming later this year after the release of his poetry book. Nicki Minaj took to Twitter last week to tell fans that her new album, Pink Friday 2, will be released this November. Lil Wayne hasn’t made any announcements regarding a release date, however fans have been waiting for Tha Carter VI since Tha Carter V came out in 2018. An alleged single from the album was released in February, featuring DMX and Swiss Beatz.

With all of their upcoming projects, it is likely the Young Money rappers will continue to hold the thrones of the charts. With the amount of anticipation behind each of their upcoming albums, it would be difficult to imagine a world in which these three are not at the top.

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