Writer Interviews: Jaroe LSD

1) What do you write and what crews are you in?
I write Jaroe and Gator and I’m in LSD, NR, BTR and Lost Boys.
2) Hometown and favorite city to paint?
I’m from Toronto, Canada and I loved painting Detroit in its golden era.
3) When did you start writing?
I started sometime in 2006 near the end of high school.
4) One of your most memorable experiences painting?
Painting the Style Disciple wall in Caguas, Puerto Rico with Baker and Adore alongside so many graff legends I always looked up to. That was super epic for me.
5) What inspires your style?
I feel like graffiti now is our own cumulative curation of all the global styles we consume every day. People always say comics and cartoons and that’s true to a certain extent but I feel like good graffiti inspires good graffiti. It’s all about how you interpret it and make it your own.
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