UTOPIA Still Sitting Pretty at No. 1

Travis Scott’s UTOPIA has become the first rap album in 5 years to maintain its No. 1 spot on the Billboard 200 chart for a whole month.

The charts have not seen another rap album grace the number 1 spot for this long since Drake’s Scorpion album in 2018. So far, UTOPIA has already exceeded one billion streams on just Spotify and is rapidly approaching platinum-status. The most streamed track from the album, aside from “K-POP” which was released as a single ahead of the album, is “MELTDOWN” with over 101 million streams.

At the end of last week, UTOPIA had 161,000 equivalent album units. Alongside exceeding streaming expectations, Scott’s UTOPIA has even sold a record amount of vinyl albums for a rap/hip-hop album. Scott fans have so far had some slightly mixed reviews about the album although they seem to be listening to it nonetheless.

Although no major negative reviews about the actual music have seemed to surface, some fans have spoken up to say they were expecting Scott to take more accountability on the new album for the ASTROWORLD incident. Scott was ruled “not responsible” for the incident that occurred at Astroworld Festival in 2021, which could explain why his lack of addressing the issue seems to not be perturbing too many fans, as the album’s numbers continue to rise.

Also at the top of the charts this week remains Morgan Wallen at number 2, and Taylor Swift sitting at numbers 5,7, and 8. Ranking third on the charts this week is Hozier with his newest album, Unreal Unearth.

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