Trey Songz Allegedly Tried to Bribe Sexual Assault Victim

Trey Songz is currently fighting to get his sexual assault case from 2021 thrown out entirely due to the victim allegedly lying about the singer trying to bribe her out of pressing charges.

According to court documents, victim Jauhara Jeffries claimed that Trey Songz offered her $200,000 in exchange for her lying about the assault she experienced at a Miami nightclub in 2021. Jeffries is currently suing Songz for $20 million.

There is allegedly a friend of Trey Songz that witnessed the interaction that night in 2021, Mariah Thielen. Thielen claims that Jeffries began recording Songz while at the nightclub, which Songz did not want and asked her to stop. Jeffries allegedly refused to not record him and was escorted away by his security. Thielen also testified that she was asked to lunch by Jeffries attorney, at which she was offered “between $100,000 and $200,000, depending on the size of the judgment awarded” in order to corroborate Jeffries story.

With Thielen’s new testimony, Trey Songz and his legal team are insisting that the lawsuit be thrown out entirely. No upcoming court dates are currently public knowledge, as this motion has yet to be ruled on by the judge.

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