Travis Scott’s Circus Maximus Coming Soon

Still riding high from his first Utopia single and music video, KPOP, Travis Scott took the stage at Rolling Loud over the weekend and announced his new movie, Circus Maximus, will release the same day as his long-awaited album, Utopia.

On stage in Miami, Travis Scott performed his set and bid his fans adieu before showing them a special trailer for Circus Maximus. The plot line of the movie is not super clear from the trailer; the trailer shows Scott performing in what appears to be Pompeii, surrounded by people, including some sitting in the shape of a “U” in a field.

The movie clearly references the rapper’s highly anticipated album, Utopia, in a few ways. Its release date being the same as the album, July 28th, is another connection between Scott’s new projects. Travis Scott has said that Circus Maximus will be released in theaters, and with the 28th just 4 days away fans will have to keep their eyes peeled for where to buy tickets.

Travis Scott has a busy week this week and is intending to end it in Egypt, performing his Utopia debut at the Pyramids of Giza. This special performance is set to take place this Friday, the 28th, alongside the release of the Utopia album and Circus Maximus movie.

For all the waiting and hype so far, fans everywhere cannot wait to finally hear Utopia and now they also have the opportunity to see its accompanying movie.

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