‘Top Boy’ Season 3 Coming in September

Last night, Drake took to Instagram to announce that season 3 of ‘Top Boy’ will return to Netflix for the last time this September.

His announcement included a dramatic preview of season 3 along with the caption “No.Loose.Ends… Top Boy, The Final Chapter. September 7th.” Drake stepped into the executive producer role after being a ‘Top Boy’ Channel 4 fan. Upon finding out that the show had been cancelled, he approached writer Ronan Bennett and pitched the show to Netflix.

The show follows the life of two drug dealers in London as they manage their dealings and gang violence throughout the city. It has gained a more global following, with fans saying that the show gives an accurate depiction of East London housing estate life. Fans praise the show for being so real while also addressing mental health, racism, poverty, and social issues.

Many have speculated whether or not executive producer Drake would be appearing for a brief cameo in the last season after cast members from the show said that there was once a plan for Drake to join them on screen in the first season. Cast member Michael Ward spoke to Cosmopolitan about that the show never followed through with their inclusion of Drake on screen to keep their authenticity. He said, “I don’t think it would be right, because, you’ve gotta remember, ‘Top Boy’ is quite authentic. So as soon as you see someone like Drake’s face, who is so huge in what he does . . . it might take you out. So I feel like just having it with the people from next door sort of vibe, it’s just better that way.”

Although fans won’t get to see a glimpse of Drake’s acting career, they will get the final and authentic season 3 of ‘Top Boy’ that they have been waiting for since the end of season 2 last year. You can see Drake’s announcement of the new season here or watch the official trailer on YouTube. Season 3 of ‘Top Boy’ will be out on Netflix on September 7th.

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