The Dogs Got Nothing

After Amazon Music seemed to have confirmed an August 25th release date for Drake’s ‘For All The Dogs,’ the dogs have got nothing as the new Drake album has yet to surface.

While on his ‘It’s All A Blur’ Tour, Drake has continued to tease fans with the arrival of the new album. Most recently, he shared the new album’s cover art which was drawn by his son, Adonis. Earlier this week Amazon Music re-shared the album artwork on Twitter, with the caption added “Drizzle’s son has a future as a cover artist. New @drake August 25th!!”

This tweet has since been deleted from Amazon Music’s Twitter account, but Twitter has since been blowing up with memes and speculations on Drake’s ‘For All The Dogs.’ Fans are sharing gifs and memes showing their disbelief, and finally heartbreak and frustration, when the album did not show up online at midnight.



Some fans, including Rap TV, have even begun to do some research, digging up that International Dog’s Day is coming up tomorrow, August 26th. Speculations have been made assuming that Drake knew what he was doing not dropping ‘For All The Dogs’ today, but waiting to release it on actual International Dog’s Day.

None of these assumptions have been confirmed or denied by Drake himself or any of his team. Fans are going crazy waiting for the highly anticipated album to finally drop, but Drake has still not confirmed a release date. We can assume that Amazon Music’s tweet was deleted due to incorrect information based on the fact that the album has still not dropped, but hopefully the real release date is rapidly approaching.

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