Steven Harrington x ICECREAM ‘Cosmic Cone’ Sculpture

Steven Harrington is back to introduce a new figure in collaboration with Billionaire Boys Club’s ICECREAM label. Titled Cosmic Cone, the figure stands 13 inches tall and portrays Harringtons signature dog character Mello in space suite covered with BBC logos holding an ice cream cone that resembles the brands logo. The figure features movable appendages on its arms, head, and feet.

The Cosmic Cone figure is limited to 400 pieces and will be sold as a blind box that features 3 different ‘flavors’ of ice cream. Harrington stated, “We made 3 separate flavors of ice cream and you don’t know what color/flavor you’re gonna get! We also made special decals and patches that were applied to the sculpture.”

The collaborative figure will release on June 1st exclusively at Billionaire Boys Club’s store in NYC. There will be an apparel collection to accompany the figure. Pricing details are still being determined.

Billionaire Boys Club
7 Mercer St.
New York, NY 10012

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