Snoop Dogg Calls Out Grammys for Consistently Overlooking His Legendary Career in Hip-Hop

Snoop Dogg has now become the most recent rapper to call out the Grammys for snubbing him his entire career.

On February 6, the rapper took to his Instagram to show his frustration with the Academy for never awarding him a trophy, despite his legendary 30-year career.

Snoop posted a screenshot of a tweet listing the rappers who have the most Grammy wins to date. The list featured JAY-Z and Kanye West both with 24 wins, Kendrick Lamar with 17, Eminem with 15, and Pharrell with 13 wins.

In his caption, Snoop reminded his followers he has yet to join this list of rappers, having received zero Grammys despite his extended tally of nominations. The caption read: “Snoop Dogg. 20 nominations. 0 wins,” to which he added a sarcastic applause and fist bump emoji.

Snoop currently takes first place when it comes to rappers with the most nominations and zero wins, a list that features many disregarded legends such as 2Pac, DMX, and Biggie.

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