Shot Fired at Lil Baby Concert in Memphis

Last night in Memphis, Lil Baby’s concert was brought to an abrupt and tragic end when a male attendee was shot mid-show.

Lil Baby is nearing the end of his It’s Only Us Tour, which started in mid-May and is set to conclude this month on the 22nd in Ft Lauderdale, Florida. Thursday night was his concert at FedEx Forum in Memphis, where he had multiple opening acts including GloRilla, Gloss Up, Hunxho and Rylo Rodriguez.

Lil Baby was rushed off the stage after the shot went off inside the arena and police were arrived by 10:23 PM. The Memphis Police Department released a statement to social media telling the public as many details of the situation as they could. The statement read: “One adult male shooting victim was located and transported to Regional One Health in critical condition. At this time, the identity of the shooter is unknown. No other injuries were reported and all have cleared the facility. Please call [the police hotline] with any tips on this shooting.”

Concertgoers later uploaded a video of the incident to social media, where you can vaguely see a group of people arguing and beginning to push each other while fighting next to the stage. Once the group looks like they are starting to really get into it, a loud shot goes off, and the crowd begins to panic and disperse. Multiple videos have since surfaced of the incident and of the victim being carted out of the arena on a stretcher.

GloRilla was the first of the performers to respond to the horrible incident. She took to Instagram Live as she was leaving the venue to say to her followers: “What the fuck, cuz?! These folks just got they gun in the fucking arena, fool . . . insane. Yes y’all, Memphis is ghetto as fuck. We’ve been on the tour this whole fucking time and today they wanna fucking shoot. There hasn’t been a shootout at not one of these shows.” Lil Baby nor any of the other performers have released statements regarding the shooting.

It is assumed that the shooter blended back into the crowd after they fired their weapon, as the police have no suspects at the moment and have not released any information as to why the shooting occurred. How the fan managed to bring a gun inside of FedEx Forum should also be under investigation. For now, everyone is thankful that the incident did not turn into an even larger altercation at such a populated event & thoughts & prayers are being sent to the victim.

You can find the video of the incident here on Twitter.

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