Rolling Loud California 2023 Review

Artist: Kcharles // Photographer: Chrisallmeid-@chrisallmeid

Written by: Bernadette / Photos Courtesy of Rolling Loud

Frank151 rolled out to Rolling Loud California and to everyone’s surprise, it was chill as f*ck. By that we mean the weather was not that typical easy breezy beautiful California sun some might’ve expected. It was chilly all three days with some sprinkling on Sunday evening, but that didn’t stop this year’s attendees from enjoying all the fun. From non-stop musical performances on 3 stages across the entire festival grounds (Levi’s Stage/main stage and Culture Kings Stage & GoPuff Stage) to every on-site booth, there was never any dull moment.

Some of the best sets came from Chief Keef, Kevin Gates, Cam & China, Curren$y, Barely Legal, Jasiah, Coi Leray and City Girls. Caresha (aka Yung Miami) of City Girls said, “It’s a different vibe when you go to a festival or a show at a club. I just feel like the energy is always great at Rolling Loud.” During their performance, the “Twerkulator” singing hip hop duo let the audience know that their next project will be seriously hot as they hyped up the crowd singing old & new songs which included “Good Love” featuring Usher and previewing “Piñata,” a song that we predict will be played nonstop at every dance club once widely released.

Held on the Hollywood Park Grounds of Inglewood, California and the SoFi Stadium, the locale was perfect for anyone flying into town for the event as the venue was only 3 miles from LAX (Los Angeles International Airport). The location was beautiful with a scenic pond near the gopuff stage and with the right configurations on stage set-ups & sound, the place is great for any large event. With Rolling Loud California having tens of thousands of people in attendance, there was enough room to wiggle through the crowds of people walking in an opposite route.

People were always on the move catching one performance on one stage and running to another. There were those that needed a break in between sets and Rolling Loud satisfied its goers with more than music to keep their patrons entertained. Rolling Loud incorporated leisurely activities and not just carnival rides & food trucks, but fun spots to hit up like a tattoo parlor & barbershop. Bunny’s Bae Bar offered attendees a place to get dolled up for all their glitz and glamour needs. DGK Skatepark orchestrated skate demos with pros like Boo Johnson in action. The Toyota booth showcased the new Toyota Prius & Toyota Camry ideal for many of the young-adult attendees. The high octane energy of the festival never ceased to exist from the gates opening to the last performance every night as the majority of patrons at this year’s festival were teens to young adults with a few parents in attendance bonding with their teenage kid(s).

Highlights from this past weekend include: Lil Yachty performing fan favorites like “Get Dripped” and “iSpy,” while also debuting new songs off his new album Let’s Start Here. Ice Spice performed “Munch (Feelin’ U),” “Boy’s a Liar Pt. 2” and “In Ha Mood.” Guest appearance by Nicki Minaj during Lil Wayne’s headlining set. Also headlining was Travis Scott which one fan professed seeing Travis Scott perform at 10-12 shows saying, “It’s worth it every time.”

Having to choose between going to a music festival or a concert specific to a favorite artist(s) is a tough choice. Going to a concert or show at a club to see a particular musician may feel more intimate and easier to manage scheduling time to attend as you know who you’re exactly going to see, but the one thing that makes music festivals uniquely wonderful is discovering new artists. Some artists at this year’s Rolling Loud California we recommend you check out are Drownmili, Su’Lan, Yvngxchris, KayCyy, Skodi, Sid Shyne, 500Raxx, Danny Towers, Chow Lee, Kcharles, Nana, Hoosh, Barely Legal and Cam and China. The weather might have been cold, but the festival was hot.

Here are Frank151’s “Pick of the Litter” from Rolling Loud California 2023:

  • Best Drip: Lil Yachty (Matching Trenchcoat x Bandaids + All-girl Band = 🔥 ❤️‍🔥 🔥)
  • Most Sweet & Mellow-Vibe Performance: Hoosh’s set
  • Best Food Truck: MANEATINGPLANT
  • Best Non-Music Activity: DGK Skate Park & Bunny’s Bae Bar
  • Biggest Surprise Guest(s): Justin Bieber & Kali Uchis during Don Toliver’s
  • Best Preface Performance: Cam and China + Dancers
  • Funniest Incident: Fan professing his love to Ice Spice
  • MVP (Most Valuable Player): Security giving out water to the crowd to ensure everyone’s health & safety

**Check out images from the festival below**

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