Ricky Powell for FRANK x DKNY

Ricky Powell for FRANK x DKNY
“Ricky Powell is an old friend who’s been photographing me since day one. Even though we’re all older, we all have a major history. We were like the founders of that whole cultural time and we were kind of the ones to kick it off.” – Debi Mazar.

For being one of New York City’s most legendary photographers, it’s hard to find a guy more humble, or kool (as he would say) than Ricky Powell.Raised in the West Village with main stomping grounds at Washington Square Park, Ricky worked his way up the career as a bus boy first, a job which led to his legendary snap of a perfectly spontaneous Cindy Crawford exiting the ladies room.

His photographic career took off soon after, traveling the world with the Beastie Boys as their tour photographer and making a slew of famous friends along the way. If you were interesting or popular through the 8-‘s – 90’s and ran into all the hip circles downtown, chances are Ricky Powell shot ya. Here are a few of our favorites captures from his infamous archives…

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