Rick Ross & Meek Mill “SHAQ & KOBE”

On the heels of announcing their upcoming collaborative album, ‘Too Good to Be True,’ Rick Ross and Meek Mill released a new single, “SHAQ & KOBE.”

The two veteran rappers teamed up with D-Mo Did It and Fresh Ayr to produce their newest track. They released a music video to go along with the new song, jumping back and forth between Meek Mill and Rick Ross posted up with their entourages under a bridge and perusing through Rick Ross’ plane hanger filled with cars.

The duo take turns rapping about their lavish lives and how they’ve made it to where they are. Meek opens up the song, saying “N***as wanna see you lose when you’re making moves/We bringin’ tools in any rooms, we tryna break the rules/N***as is haters, they Ian’t goons, we tryna make them fool/I never thought I’d make Forbes before the news.” The two come together for the chorus, saying “Too much money and power/Hustling 24 hours” before Rick Ross goes off dropping bars to close out the track.

Neither Meek nor Ross have announced a release date for their upcoming collab album yet, but Ross confirmed in a recent interview that it will be coming “ASAP.”

You can listen to their new single, “SHAQ & KOBE,” on all platforms now or watch the music video on YouTube here.

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