Presale Tickets Available Now for Fyre Festival II

Despite not having a legitimate venue, lineup, or date locked in, Billy McFarland returned to Instagram yesterday to announce that Fyre Festival 2 presale tickets are available now.

No one forgets the disaster that was the original Fyre Festival, a promised luxurious destination music festival turned into a nightmarish migrant relief site. But at least the original festival in 2017 came with the promise of a killer lineup, including Pusha T, Migos, Lil Yachty, Major Lazer and more.

Fyre Festival II seems to have nothing figured out so far, not even a single artist for a lineup, even though they are already collecting ticket money. The festival currently has a location listed on their ticket sale site, however it is not really a decided venue, simply an area they are hoping to land in. The location is listed as being in the “Caribbean Sea” with the date “targeted for the end of next year” but hesitantly listed as December 6th of 2024, and subject to change.

In his announcement of Fyre Festival II, Bill McFarland explained that “it really all started in a 7- month stint in solitary confinement” where he “wrote out this 50-page plan of how it would take this overall interest and demand in Fyre, and how it would take my ability to bring people from around the world together to make the impossible happen.” He claims that he has partnered with multiple top-tier companies to create a documentary, After the Fyre, and Fyre Festival: The Broadway Musical. McFarland also announces that the festival is set to have “pop-ups and events around the world” for ticket holders to enjoy prior to the festival.

The “First 100” presale tickets became available to purchase yesterday for a price of $499. That first wave of presale tickets have been sold out despite the lineup for the event not even being announced yet. The tickets will likely continue to be sold in waves, but the prices seem to hike up considerably. The next wave, allegedly allowing tickets 101-500 to be purchased, will begin at $799, followed by tickets 501-600 beginning at $1,199. This pattern continues through 6 total ticket sale segments, with the final wave being titled “Pre-Sale Last Chance (tickets 751-777)” listed for a whopping $7,999.

The tickets allegedly include one ticket to the festival along with VIP access to any pre-festival “events, experiences and community.” It is quite surprising that without having ANY solid information about the festival, 100 people have already sunk $500 each into this event. Hopefully they don’t end up sleeping in tents again.

You can see Billy McFarland’s announcement video here. You can also check out the ticket sale website here.

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