Playboi Carti Won’t be on Kid Cudi’s New Album

Despite their collaboration on “Solo Dolo, Pt. IV,” Kid Cudi announced this week that Playboi Carti will not be featured on his new album.

Cudi took to Twitter to talk to his fans about the upcoming album and tease a couple details. One fan asked Cudi about the Solo Dolo IV collaboration that was leaked months ago to which Cudi told him that Carti has yet to clear his verse. Cudi tweeted back, “He won’t clear it which is very weak. So yea it won’t be on there. Which is ok becuz the shit I have on this album f***in smacks and ur faces will melt.”

There is no further information on why exactly Carti has yet to clear his verse of the song, but it is clear that Cudi doesn’t care to wait much longer. This conflict is surprising to fans because until now the two rappers have reportedly been good friends. Speculations are being made that the falling out between Cudi and Kanye West may have something to do with the issues since Carti is close friends with Kanye.

Though the Playboi Carti collab will not be included on Kid Cudi’s upcoming album, Cudi did confirm with fans on Twitter that Travis Scott and Young Thug will be featured. There is still no official release date or even known title to the album. The most information fans have has come from Kid Cudi himself, including his tweet from February announcing the album where he said, “Album this Fall. First singles this summer. The new chapter has begun… Ur not prepared man. We’ve reached a new level.”

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