Pat Hoblin for Chapter 63 – New York Skate of Mind

Pat Hoblin for Chapter 63 – New York Skate of Mind

RM: I’m here with Pat Hoblin, and we’re at Canal Street Market. Thanks for lending us the studio for our little interview. What you doing today?
PH: Good, good. Just enjoying the day, and you?

RM: It’s been a good day. I had a lot of fun before I got here, being productive is the key thing.
PH: For sure.

RM: Is that your hat? Did you make that hat?
PH: No, no, this is Kangol.

RM: Dope little hat … What pants do you got today?
PH: A little linen, stretched linen joints.

RM: You know what’s funny? I was going to wear those same pants, but I’m going to wait till later, till it gets colder. I just have some, I don’t know, I look like a janitor. So what’s new for Pat’s Pants? Anything coming up?
PH: Just trying to keep on putting out new shit and just push it. Maybe get it to new spots and make more focus on the artwork behind it. Whether it’s the content, or even the clothing themselves, sort of, maybe, getting a little bit more obscure, more as an art form.

RM: Got it, got it. Yeah, but your content’s good though. There’s skating, people wearing the stuff, the right people wearing the stuff. I think I saw, like, Andrew Reynolds. I always see Seboo wearing it.
PH: Yeah, Sebo’s …

RM: There’s always some beautiful woman wearing it somehow, someway. I mean, how long’s it been now that you’ve been doing Pat’s Pants?
PH: It’s been officially a business for a little bit over two years now but in theory it was a little bit longer than that. But just in theory, and thought and everything. Yeah, about two years.

RM: I can’t front, I like how you’re so militant and very concerned about who wears it, and how they wear it. I mean, that’s very important. Some people don’t even care.
PH: Yeah, I mean, at the end of the day, right now we’re at the grassroots. So I feel that, everyone in a sense that’s wearing it, kind of has got it more directly. So, it’s easier to do it that way. We’re doing more direct to consumer, or whatever.

RM: Yeah, I see. Who have I seen wearing it? TJ. TJ Mizzel.
PH: Yeah, yeah. TJ’s a good friend.

RM: has been wearing it.
PH: Yeah, yeah.

RM: The other day I think, who was it, Lil Wayne?I think I saw Lil Wayne wearing it in-
PH: Oh yeah, skating.

RM: I forget what skate park it was.
PH: Was that his skate park?

RM: He has everything. He has a skate park he has-
PH: Helicopter.

RM: Studios, helicopters.
PH: Yachts.

RM: He has a yacht, he has everything. We should have been rappers.
PH: I mean, you could still rig it.

RM: Yeah, I’ll rig it. I don’t know if you know this, but back in the day, I used to be in the studio with guys, I used to try to help them do hooks and stuff.
PH: Oh, shit.

RM: It didn’t work out. I mean, I don’t think Asian rappers would’ve been embraced back then, so.
PH: Hey, you know, times have changed.

RM: Yeah. Times have changed. There’s K-pop. K-pop is ruling everything right now. What else do you got planned for the day?
PH: Watching my homies’ dog, so I’ve just been taking care of Sumo, that’s his name.

RM: Sumo.
PH: Yeah, Kira’s dog.

RM: Sumo. So where are you from, exactly? You’re from …
PH: Long Island. Like, went to school in Riverhead.

RM: Nice.
PH: Yeah.

RM: I’m going to say, some of the best skateboarders come from Long Island.
PH: There’s definitely a couple of them.

RM: There’s a few.
PH: There’s definitely a few.

RM: There’s a few.
PH: There’s a few.

RM: There’s a few. I’ve heard there’s a few.
PH: Here and there. There’s a lot of good hip hop bands out of Long Island, too.

RM: You think? There’s a couple of, I mean-
PH: Yeah, Biz Markie. Biz Markie went to-

PH: EPMD. I heard Busta Rhymes from Long Island.

RM: De La Soul.
PH: De La Soul.

RM: He doesn’t claim it, though. That’s what I don’t like.
PH: Rakim. Eric B.

RM: He doesn’t claim it. I don’t like that.
PH: No, Eric B? Or is it Rakim? I think Eric B’s from Bay Shore, or something.

RM: Isn’t Rakim … Rakim is … I mean, there’s so many. There’s K Solo, there’s-
PH: KMD, I think MF Doom is from Long Island.

RM: There’s tons of them.
PH: I mean, don’t quote me, but.

RM: I’m not gonna quote you but there’s tons of good stuff that comes out of Long Island.
PH: Yeah, of course.

RM: I mean, you know, New York in general. I know some people that live in the boroughs think anywhere outside of the boroughs, they think it’s Canada, but it’s still part of New York.
PH: No, no, for sure.

RM: I like Manhattan, and I like Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx. I like Montauk, I like Riverhead. You know.
PH: Upstate.

RM: Upstate.
PH: I love New York. I grew up so much in New York, like all throughout, with all family spread out that it was cool just to get the difference. How big of a diversity there is within one state.

RM: Yeah.
PH: You know. All my cousins are so much different but it was literally all within the same state.

RM: Who do you normally skate with during the week? sometimes? maybe?
PH: Yeah, I mean, lately I haven’t skated. So I’ve been in this funk. I don’t know. I feel like a lot of times, my friends and I, we’ve been on some, keeping it old school, kind of where we just link up when we link up.

RM: I like old school.
PH: Yeah, it feels better that way. Sometimes we’ll try and plan something but it’s just harder to do nowadays. Everybody’s got things going on, so.

RM: It is kind of nice. When it happens, it happens and when it happens like that, it’s always fun.
PH: Yeah, just take it as it comes. It’s so much
better that way, I feel.

RM: I like that.
PH: Life is better that way. If you could live that way, you might as well.

RM: I mean, the trick is to try to live that way. Some people can’t do it. I think in New York, it’s easy to facilitate. We pretty much live like, we do what we want, right?
PH: Yeah. I mean, obviously we gotta do this, that, and the third, to make sure that we, you know.

RM: No, but for instance, for example, you and I could be talking and then we’re walking the block and be like, “Hey you want to go see, let’s go check out this pop up shop, I think my friend’s there.” We’ll go there, we’ll just hang out, and next thing you know, we’re at Jules’ place for two and a half hours talking shit. Listening to, what are you playing,
Bill Withers or something. .

PH: I want to remember, what was I playing? Oh, I was playing Steely Dan.

RM: Springtime sorry.
PH: Black Cow.

RM: I didn’t remember. I couldn’t’ remember.
PH: Yeah.

RM: I’m trying to think, is there anything else you wanna mention? Anything new coming up, or?
PH: I have a part that’s about to drop.

RM: Oh really?
PH: Yeah.

RM: I didn’t know that.
PH: Yeah. It’s sort of been a while cause the editing back and forth and then the music we were gonna drop it with something and then the music didn’t work because of whatever rights and da-da-da. But yeah, it’s done so I’ve just been sort of waiting to have it drop.

RM: What is it gonna go on, what?
PH: It’s gonna go out on Transworld

RM: Transworld
PH: Yeah.

RM: Shut up, that’s my dude.
PH: Yeah, all those guys, Mike Fitz.

RM: Yeah, hell yeah.
PH: But Chris Thiessen filmed it.

RM: Okay.
PH: So him and I basically have a bunch of footage that we collected from New York, Paris, Cali, and Miami.

RM: Oh, I like it.
PH: So it’s a nice little mix. It was amongst trips that I was on that he was filming for that I got to go, that I was there. So it was sort of getting it where I could, ya know?

RM: Wow you’re really getting old school, you’re collecting tricks and not throwing them all on Instagram. That’s good that you do it that way.
PH: Yeah, it’s funny, I just put up some clip or whatever and I was saving the clips because I wanted to go back and actually film it. But then I realized, you know what, it’s a different world, it’s gonna be seen one way or another if you put it up this or that, you know what I mean? But I mean, yeah, it’s better to maybe save it. Or is it? Or is it?

RM: You know what –
PH: I don’t really, you know, what rules?

RM: I think it depends on what you like. If it’s what you like, and some people like to put it up in real time.
PH: For sure.

RM: You know, you’re just one of those guys, you’re trying to tell a story, you want to paint a picture.
PH: Yeah I wanna start working on more cohesive pieces, maybe films and stuff like that.

RM: Well then you should. You saw Jim Greco’s latest video, right?
PH: Oh, I seen little parts of it. I saw the last one he did. I liked how, it was refreshing, you know what I mean?

RM: Yeah I like how he did a nose pick on the refrigerator while his girlfriends just watching TV.
PH: Oh, shit. I seen that slam on …

RM: I don’t like the slam part.
PH: Yeah that shit was gnarly.

RM: Like you know how that felt. That’s …
PH: Yeah that’s a bad one.

RM: Yeah that’s a bad one. But dude thanks for coming, appreciate it.
PH: Yeah, for sure.

RM: And Pats Pants, Pat Hoblin.
PH: Ray Mate’.

RM: Ray Mate’, that’s me, the host.

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