Palace x Vans

Palace and Vans, two iconic brands known for their contributions to the skateboarding community, have joined forces once again to create a highly anticipated collaboration. This time, they present the Palace Vans Low, a new shoe that combines elements from two beloved Vans models to deliver a unique and stylish silhouette.

The Palace Vans Low is the result of the fusion between the classic Half Cab and the signature model of skateboarding legend Mike Carroll, the Skate MC. By blending features from these two iconic sneakers, Palace and Vans have created a truly special shoe that pays homage to the heritage of both brands.

The Palace Vans Low is available in black or white, offering a sleek and versatile aesthetic. The upper of the shoe features perforated detailing inspired by Carroll’s Skate MC, while the branding and collar detailing draw from the Half Cab. The overall shape and construction of the shoe blend the unique aesthetics of both models, resulting in a truly distinctive design. To emphasize the partnership between Palace and Vans, the Palace Vans Low features co- branded elements throughout. A Half Cab-style badge appears on the lateral half of the collar, showcasing the collaboration between the two brands. The tongue of the shoe proudly displays both the Palace and Vans logos, while the familiar red Vans logo on the heel is accompanied by the Palace logo, further solidifying the collaboration.

The Palace Vans Low not only delivers on style but also offers impressive performance features. Drawing from Vans Skateboarding’s best technology, the shoe is equipped with impact-absorbing Popcush insoles, which provide enhanced comfort and protection during skate sessions. The long-lasting Duracap underlays ensure durability, while the grippy Sickstick outsoles provide excellent traction on various surfaces, making the Palace Vans Low a reliable choice for skateboarders of all levels.

In addition to the Palace Vans Low, the collaboration also includes a collection of t-shirts that perfectly complement the shoe. The t-shirts, available in black and white, feature the “Palace Low” logo across the middle, with an additional “Palace Vans 2023” logo underneath. These stylish and co-branded garments allow fans to fully embrace the Palace and Vans collaboration.

To celebrate the release of the Palace Vans Low, Palace and Vans have created a short film titled “Internal Only.” Directed by Stuart Hammond PWBC, the film stars Palace and Vans pro skateboarders Rory Milanes and Danny Brady. In a humorous and satirical manner, the film takes viewers through the attributes of the Palace Vans Low, providing an entertaining insight into the collaboration. This unique approach further showcases the creativity and personality that both brands are known for.

Skateboarding enthusiasts and fans of Palace and Vans can look forward to the release of the Palace Vans Low and the accompanying t-shirts. The shoes and apparel will be available for purchase both in- store and online from June 23rd at 11 a.m. EDT on the official Palace website. In Japan, the release will take place on June 24th at 11 a.m. JST on the Palace Japan website. The Palace Vans Low is a testament to the creative and collaborative spirit of both Palace and Vans. Don’t miss your chance to grab a pair and experience the fusion of icons yourself.

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