Omahyra Mota Garcia x Levi’s

Drawing by Omahyra’s Daughter

During Miami Art Basel weekend, Omahyra Mota Garcia was invited by Levi’s to be a featured artist alongside Futura and Shepard Fairey for their customization pop-up shop in Wynwood (Miami, FL). She is an og supermodel who has left an unforgettable mark in the industry. She was born in the Dominican Republic and grew up in Queens, NY.

Along with live painting during the event, her designs were part of the customization options to be put on Levi’s products. Her work features amazing textures correlated with her beautiful use of colors. Her daughter also got a chance to have her art be part of the event as well! From supermodel to fine artist, she hasn’t stopped inspiring others to express themselves and that is forever golden.

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