Offset Matches Bobbi’s Energy in Interview

Bobbi Althoff’s podcast has brought yet another awkward interaction with Offset as her latest guest, but Offset seems to have held his own against the dry-humored podcaster.

In true Bobbi Althoff fashion, the podcaster posted a teaser of the podcast episode to TikTok, giving her followers a preview of her awkward bickering banter with rapper Offset. The preview starts off with Offset grilling Bobbi Althoff on why she interviews celebrities and what her motivation is for what she does. Her response was plain and simple, “to get to know people.”

With that response, Offset quickly asked a follow up question of “why do you want to get to know me?” Althoff responded in her typical uncomfortable and dismissive way, telling Offset “I didn’t . . . your team reached out to me.” Offset immediately called out the podcaster, saying “Don’t cap . . . let’s not cap about that . . . let’s not flex for the gram . . . uh-oh . . . C-A-P, flag on the play.”

The two continued to bicker about how the interview came about, Althoff continues to question who’s team reached out to who. Offset tells her that when his team came to him with the gig to be interviewed by “Bobbi,” he thought they were talking about Bobbi Boucher and needed his team to show him who she was. She quickly responded, poking fun at the rapper saying she “had never heard of Offset,” and she “had to Google [him].”

Offset didn’t hold back as he gave Althoff’s sass right back to her, saying he had to search her on TikTok because “Google’s not there yet.” The previous Migos rapper ended the preview by telling Althoff that even though she isn’t at a Google-able level yet, “you’ll be there.”

This interview is likely just the beginning of Offset’s press tour as he gets ready to release his upcoming album, ‘Set It Off,’ next month. Bobbi Althoff’s episode of The Good Podcast with Offset is not yet released, you can watch the preview for the episode here.

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