NYC public schools are on one

I.S. 125 of Queens, NY, is your average New York City middle school. Except for the fact that its old Principal, Judy “No Snitchin” Mittler, held it down in more ways than its students knew for over two decades. The middle school’s new principal Michael Borelli came across a safe that had shelves (plural) filled with knives and a GUN. Some looked new, some old and dusty. It’s been the talk of the town for about a week now since The New York Post reported.

So when former student and graphic designer Kevelyn Vargas walked past her old middle school, she couldn’t resist. She fucked with the sign, which is photoshopped in the image she posted. But it does have students going out of their way to take the main entrance in hopes of seeing it. On the edit, Kevelyn explained “I was on the way to Sunday brunch with my sisters and I was smacked so I just did it.”

There’s nothing more heartwarming than seeing generations of students collectively laugh at memories that sound like horror stories to anyone that isn’t a product of the NYC Public School system.

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