NY Times SIMPING for Ice Spice?

New York Times has just crowned Ice Spice as “Rap’s New Princess”…


New York Times went from congratulating every book on the planet with the title of “Best Seller”, to stepping into the rap game and initiating royalty.

The publications gives a brief history on the arrival of Ice Spice to the game, stating, “On Friday, she’ll release her first EP, “Like..?,” which gathers her previous singles with some new songs, all of which feel of a piece. While the sound of the Bronx drill scene she emerged from is often unrelenting and harsh, the style of her EP, she said, is “pop drill” — spacious, up-tempo and a little skittish, with careful use of melody and just the right amount of punch.”

They continue, “Unlike many New York drill rappers, who tend toward the antic, Ice Spice raps with equanimity: calm, controlled and almost reticent, letting each line linger ever so slightly, almost as if to draw you to her before she again pushes you away. “She makes this thing we call sexy drill.”

Of course being a New York native, they have to gas her up, right? “In the wake of the success of “Munch,” Ice Spice signed to 10K Projects/Capitol Records, and had her first taste of financial success”… “She released “Munch (Feelin’ U),” the song that would become her true breakout, inaugurate a delicious new piece of slang and establish her signature visual identity: golden curls, bold outfits, intense eye contact.” Said the publication.

“Her fandom is still settling on a name: Spice Cabinet? Spice Rack? Spice Cadets? Munchkins? And she has seamlessly been absorbed into the meme universe — split portraits of her alongside Tupac,XXXTentacion, Martin Luther King Jr. and Princess Diana float around the internet, and her lyrics (“How can I lose if I’m already chose?”) pop up in tweets and captions. She decided to record “Princess Diana,” from her new EP, after seeing memes flying around the internet late last year calling her this generation’s Princess Diana.”


The publication itself goes on to plug her newest project, “Like..?” which dropped on January 20th to a vast amount of critical acclaim. Some even rating it higher than “Her Loss” by Drake and 21 Savage, Future’s “I Never Liked You”, and Lil Baby’s “It’s Only Me”Some even rating it as high as Kendrick Lamar’s “Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers”.


A slap in the face? Feels like it.


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