Navigating the Eclectic Seas of Electronic Dance Music: A Dive into EDDIE’s Emergence and the Evolution of Bass Music

By: Eric B. Thornton

Electronic Dance Music (EDM), a multifaceted genre that spans a myriad of styles and influences, has its origins deeply rooted in the rhythmic grooves of Funk and the pulsating beats of Disco. As with any musical genre, EDM has undergone a remarkable evolution over the years, transforming and adapting to the ever-changing landscape of popular culture.


One of the most intriguing subgenres to emerge from the vast expanse of EDM is Bass Music. Contrary to its name, Bass Music encompasses far more than just the prominence of bass as an instrument. It represents a journey characterized by dark, atmospheric vibes, wobbly basslines, and pulsating rhythms. This genre, with its origins intertwined with the underground electronic music scene, has evolved into a dynamic and diverse category that continues to push the boundaries of experimental soundscapes.


At the forefront of this musical revolution stands EDDIE, a rising star hailing from the vibrant electronic music scene of Australia. With his aggressive use of bass and haunting melodies, EDDIE has quickly garnered recognition as one of the pioneers of Bass Music in today’s EDM landscape. His distinctive sound, characterized by its raw energy and emotive depth, has captivated audiences around the globe, earning him accolades from industry peers and fans alike.


EDDIE’s meteoric rise to prominence has been fueled by his prolific output and fearless experimentation in the studio. With over 80 songs in his repertoire, he has demonstrated a remarkable versatility, effortlessly transitioning between different vibes and tempos while maintaining his signature style. His collaborations with renowned artists such as REZZ, a trailblazing female DJ in the Bass scene, have further solidified his position as a driving force in contemporary electronic music.


In his latest release, “Damned,” EDDIE showcases his prowess as a producer, delivering a high-energy track featuring the mesmerizing vocals of LA-based artist Colleen D’Agostino. Produced in collaboration with Panamanian talent FISE, “Damned” exemplifies EDDIE’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of musical innovation while staying true to his roots in Bass Music.


Check out Frank 151 interview with EDDIE, who offers insights into his creative process, influences, and aspirations. As he continues to carve out his place in the electronic music landscape, EDDIE’s journey serves as a testament to the boundless possibilities of artistic expression and experimental exploration in the ever-evolving world of EDM.


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Frank151 has a signature question they always like to ask artists: If you had the chance to curate your dream music festival, who would be your top three headliners? Dead or alive?


EDDIE: Love this question actually, I have too many artists tbh BUT, for the sake of it I’ll pick 3.

Daft Punk, Gesaffelstein & The Prodigy.


For listeners who may not typically engage with electronic music, how would you describe or categorize your genre of sound to pique their interest?


EDDIE: Honestly my girlfriend & her family had 0 clue about EDM in general let alone the Bass Music scene, so I got to enjoy introducing her to all that and the way I explained it (before showing videos and taking her to shows) was pretty much, HIGH ENERGY, Spooky, groovy, slow dark soundscapes. That Seemed to work! Hahha


Your latest release, “Damned,” a collaboration with Colleen D’Agostino on vocals, dropped this Friday. The DnB and Dubstep-inspired drop evokes memories of the early bro-step era popularized by Skrillex, while her voice channels echoes of Björk‘s. Can you walk us through your creative process when crafting a track with vocals? Do you typically start with the music and add vocals later, or does Collen bring lyrics to the table, inspiring the track’s direction?


EDDIE: It can go both ways! But for this song it was a demo I started and sent to Fise to see what ideas he could come up with and from there we got to a point where we needed something extra, that’s where Colleen came in and absolutely SLAYED!


Your recent track “UP/DOWN,” released last December, showcased a unique fusion of industrial and house vibes, resulting in a fresh and subtly tamed sound that still maintains your signature style. Between the two, which do you find more enjoyable to create? Is the complexity of crafting a track like “Damned” more challenging compared to the process behind “UP/DOWN”?


EDDIE: I honestly enjoyed both, but working with friends is always that extra bit FUN, so I would say DAMNED edges it a bit. But there needs to be a moment in every song while making it where I stand up and just go nuts with excitement hahaha, that happened with both!


Your performance at the Academy last month looks awesome, featuring a lineup that resonated with your distinct sound. Opening for One True God alongside Lun, both recent collaborators, offered a unique dynamic night. Can you share some insights into how you tailor your set for a club setting like the Academy compared to a festival stage?


EDDIE: The secret is… I DONT (although I sometimes should) I really do believe in setting the tone for what your shows/sound is all about because people are there to see you and the other people are there to learn about you, so if you tailor your set too much to fit a bottle service venue for that reason, you won’t be pitching what you actually do… can be damaging to a brand I think! Thankfully it was a fun massive homie show, we were all good friends and got to throw down sets we wanted to do. I edit my sets every set anyways but that’s more so to adjust to who is headlining so I don’t play any big tunes that they might play out of respect etc.


Considering artists who share a sonic resemblance to your music, are there any contemporaries you feel align closely with your sound?


EDDIE: I mean I’d probably say, REZZ, Deathpact & myself align sonically. Those 2 are the first that come to mind BUT artists like The Prodigy, justice, Gesaffelstein definitely influence me a lot.


Looking ahead, are there any singers or artists, past or present, whom you’ve always envisioned collaborating with? Perhaps artists from different genres than your own?


EDDIE: Yah atm, I’d love to work with WARGASMUK or The Prodigy for that sound, Knife party are others I’d love to work with as a bucket list thing haha


Your repertoire encompasses a diverse range of sounds, from tracks like “Night Runners” to “Abandon,” each offering distinct tempos and vibes. Could you elaborate on your approach to crafting such varied tracks?


EDDIE: That was during a period where I wasn’t certain on what I wanted to make moving forward with my project and i just wrote random stuff that came to mind Which has a beauty in itself. But now I’m clear as a day with what I want to make and do moving forward.


Collaborating with artists like REZZ on exceptional tracks such as “Time” and “Stress” showcases a unique fusion of your styles. Can you shed light on your creative process when collaborating with artists like REZZ?


EDDIE: Working with REZZ has and will be the easiest process ever, when it’s a demo we both click on it happens literally within 24 hours and it’s done basically HAHA, so we’ve flowed creatively so naturally and I’ll always love working with her!


Finally, if your music were to feature in a movie, what type of scene, director, and star would you envision for the perfect cinematic backdrop?


EDDIE: It’s hard for me to NOT imagine John wick but a homie of mine did the music for that and he perfected it. But it would be cool if the new James Bond was a little more like that and had scenes like that. James Bond + Club Fight Scene + EDDIE MUSIC. WOW. Would be epic.


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