Mia Khalifa x Shoreditch Ski Club

Popular London brand Shoreditch Ski Club has made Mia Khalifa the face of their summer collection.

Mia Khalifa’s popularity has been on the rise; she kicked off her year with a modeling zine with Aries, attended Fashion Week in both Paris and Milan, and collaborated with Wiz Khalifa. With her recent rise to fame, she has now accepted a deal with Shoreditch Ski Club to model their Summer 2023 line.

This season’s collection wants to take wearers from “beach club to nightclub,” by combining unique swimsuits and smaller easily layered pieces, with daily essentials like t-shirts and cut-off sweaters. Khalifa models the swim pieces both alone and layered with other items in the collection.

When discussing the new collection with Khalifa she said, “All you need to brighten a foggy Malibu day is some Karol G and laughter. This was so much fun. The summer wear is impeccably designed, I felt so confident in it, and the team that day was unforgettable, I’m grateful to have been a part of this.”

The whole Summer 2023 collection is available now on Shoreditch Ski Club’s website.

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