Megan Thee Stallion Roasts Tory Lanez in Pre-Sentencing Letter to the Court

Tory Lanez had a court appearance yesterday in Los Angeles to be sentenced after his conviction for shooting Megan Thee Stallion in the foot during a drunken argument in July of 2020. In order to “preserve her mental wellbeing,” Megan did not attend his sentencing date, but instead gave the court a written statement roasting Lanez and his behavior since the incident.

The letter was read aloud to the court by District Attorney Kathy Ta as well as posted on X by reporter Meghann Cuniff. The rap queen dove head first into her statement, tearing into Lanez for creating numerous false narratives and continuing to joke about the incident. Megan Thee Stallion told the court in her letter that she has “not experienced a single day of peace” since that day in July of 2020.

Megan Thee Stallion’s statement said this:
“He not only shot me, he made a mockery of my trauma. He tried to position himself as a victim and set out to destroy my character and my soul. He lied to anyone that would listen and paid bloggers to disseminate false information about the case on social media. He released music videos and songs to damage my character and continue his crusade. At first, he tried to deny the shooting ever happened. Then, he attempted to place the blame on my former best friend. In his tantrum of lies, he’s blamed the system, blamed the press and, as of late, he’s using childhood trauma to shield himself and avoid culpability. For once, the defendant must be forced to face the full consequences of his heinous actions and face justice.”

During trial, Megan Thee Stallion admitted to the court that she and Lanez were somewhat romantically involved when the shooting occurred, proving to the court that she has nothing to hide and has not been lying about her experiences like Lanez.

Lanez’s legal team recently tried to reduce the rapper’s sentence down to probation and placement in a drug treatment program, chalking the incident up to Lanez suffering from childhood trauma and alcoholism. Despite these deep rooted issues that Lanez faces, he seemed to have felt ok taking to social media after the shooting and continuing to post about and harass his former flame.

The end of yesterday’s court appearance ended surprisingly with no sentence. The sentencing is set to resume this morning, where Judge David Herriford will officially give Tory Lanez his sentence. Judge Herriford told the court yesterday that Lanez’s behavior of harassment after the shooting will be a large contributing factor to his sentencing. The prosecution is hoping for a 13-year sentence, while the defense is hoping for

a maximum of 3 years if their requests for probation and treatment program get denied.

After being shot in the foot, left with bullet fragments in both feet, and then being harassed and belittled on social media and through Lanez’s music, it is clear that Megan Thee Stallion has had enough. It also seems that the defense is looking forward to the case being over, based on Lanez’s legal team’s most recent efforts, it seems they are running out of ways to defend the rapper and his actions. We will see later this afternoon if Lanez is let off easy, or given an appropriate sentence.

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