Majors is the Real Villain: Guilty & Dropped from MCU

Yesterday, just after a six person jury found Jonathan Majors guilty of harassment and reckless assault in the third degree, Marvel and Walt Disney Studios announced the end of their relationship with the actor.

Majors was originally charged with four charges of assault following a police investigation of his relationship with former girlfriend, Grace Jabbari. In March, Majors called 911, telling them he found Jabbari unconscious in their apartment. Upon police arrival and examination of Jabbari, they discovered bruising and other various injuries, like a broken finger, leading them to charge Majors with assault.

Jabbari took the stand during the four-day trial, telling the court that Majors gave her those injuries while they were in a physical dispute in the car just mere hours prior to her being found unconscious. This incident was partially caught on surveillance footage, which showed Majors pushing Jabbari back into the car after she tried to exit.

Facing a total of 4 charges, the assault charges are in reference to the physical altercation in the car, and the harassment charge in reference to Majors not allowing Jabbari to exit the car. These charges were brought against Majors – not by Jabbari herself – but by the state of New York, making it a criminal trial instead of civil.

After being found guilty of two of the assault charges, Marvel Studios and Walt Disney Studios quickly announced the end of their working relationship with Jonathan Majors. Majors recently starred as the 31st Marvel Cinematic Universe film’s villain in ‘Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania,’ and was set to star as the newest villain in ‘Avengers 5,’ coming in 2026.

It is unknown how Marvel will deal with Majors’ character for ‘Avengers 5.’ They could recast the role as it is or potentially scrap the character entirely and start a new villain story line from scratch.

As for Jonathan Majors, he is set to be sentenced February 6th, 2024.

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